Deacom Mixes ERP and Document Management

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Deacom, a North American producer of integrated accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has added a document linker to their DEACOM Integrated Accounting and ERP Software System. The document linker is an extension to the DEACOM electronic document management system, allowing manufacturers to link an indefinite number of transactional documents to their respective transactions for easy access in a single ERP system. The DEACOM ERP system is designed to seamlessly link all departments within a manufacturing company, and to provide a comprehensive view of the entire operation. Aimed at mid to large sized manufacturers in the building component manufacturing and mixed-mode (paint, ink, food and beverage, etc.) manufacturing industries, it includes a built-in document management system that lets manufacturers store any kind of electronic file throughout the main ERP system. The document linker enhances the system by using barcodes to link documents much like delivery tickets and packing lists to their respective transactions. This ability allows DEACOM users to scan and import huge amounts of barcoded documents into the ERP system with relative ease. The documents are then automatically linked to their corresponding transactions, like sales orders or purchase orders, according to the barcoded information. "The document linker is another way DEACOM connects companies to the information they need in one, central spot," says Paul Heinmiller, Implementation Specialist at Deacom. "Rather than sort through paper filings or turn to an external document management system to verify that a customer signed off on a delivery or that you received a proper shipment, the document linker allows you to instantly view all linked documents for a given transaction within your ERP system."The DEACOM ERP Software System thus helps to integrate the business processes of manufacturers in a single system. If you happen to be in the manufacturing business and feel a need for more efficient business processes, head over to Deacon for more information or to schedule an online demo.