Maybe it just seems like it, but there is sneaking suspicion that you can’t set foot outside the door at the moment without tripping over another buddying-up between Digital Reef (news, site) and a new friend.

This time it's with EntropySoft (news, site) the enterprise content integration specialist. The purpose? To provide more out-of-the-box connectivity to more enterprise content management systems.

Since Digital Reef emerged from its workshop in March this year after two years developing its new unstructured content management platform, it has been touting it about to a market that is getting increasingly worried about all that untouchable -- and unfindable -- data.

Now, by teaming up with EntropySoft, it is stepping up to the mark again with a system it clearly hopes will bring all the major enterprise content management systems within its cross-hairs.

.Net Connectors

As it stands EntropySoft already provides connectors to an impressive number of content management and portal systems including SharePoint, Documentum, Oracle UCM, HP Trim and IBM WebSphere.

Earlier this year it announced even greater interoperability by making all their connectors .Net compliant.

And clearly for Digital Reef the attraction of being able to bed-down with these systems could not be ignored.

“Unstructured data is growing at a rapid pace. The number of content repositories is also expanding. With increased pressure on enterprises to index all information, content access has become a top priority of information management. Through our partnership, Digital Reef can expand critical connectivity,” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO and co-founder of EntropySoft.

Controlling Unstructured Data

In effect, Digital Reef is a platform that offers the enterprise greater control over the rapid development of unstructured data by indexing and managing that content and -- crucial now -- eDiscovery.

Built to allow companies to deal with that unstructured data without disruption to the data centre, or business activity, it gives users a set of tools that enables them to manage critical data that they may have been lacking previously:

  • Locate specific kinds of data, including sensitive data like Social Security and credit card numbers
  • Identify regulated data for compliance
  • Pinpoint relevant documents for pending legal action
  • Find intellectual property that can be reused for competitive advantage.

By making it easier to find and reuse assets its economic advantages should also be quite considerable and – sorry guys!! – the IT departments look like they will also have to take a hit again.

Connecting The World?

Digital Reef has been very busy recently pushing the new platform and connecting it up with other platforms.

Remembering that the new platform only really entered the market in March, by May it had partnered with FAST to manage SharePoint content, in June with eDiscovery specialist Mimosa and now it is throwing the doors wide open.

It will be interesting to see who they plan to partner with next.