DocuLex Office Capture 4 Adds OCR and Barcode Reading
With competition intense in the document management industry, maybe DocuLex’s (news, site) announcement that it has just released an upgrade to its Office Capture solution is a taste of one of the things to come in the future.

Not that the launch of version 4 of this product is breaking known boundaries in document capture technology, or anything like that, it is more its size and where its going to fit into a given enterprise that may be the real point of interest.

Archive Studio

DocuLex is best known for its enterprise content management system Archive Studio which offers network-enabled document capture and image processing software, along with browser-based document and content management programs.

Specifically targeted at enterprises looking for collaboration solutions, in recent times it has a done considerable amount of work on its email archiving and compliance solutions.

And with the eDiscovery market expanding at an awesome rate, it would be a foolish document management company that didn’t make sure that its solutions made the grade in this respect.

But the release of Office Capture 4 addresses a different market, a market full of companies that may need a document capture solution for parts of its business, and which can be used with either DocuLex’s Archive Studio, or with another third party Document Management System that is already in place.

DocuLex it seems is not going to turn away business from companies that are not using its full DMS -- a smart move in the current climate.

Department-Specific Solution

Basically, Office Capture 4 is targeted at novices and experienced users alike and -- of note -- at departments within an enterprise, rather than the entire enterprise itself.

In other words, this is a small solution for specific enterprise areas that might not otherwise be interested in using a larger DMS, but who might be able to use a smaller, versatile electronic document capture facility.

Office Capture 4 Upgrades

Office Capture is a desktop application that is designed to be used with TWAIN-driven production and desktop scanners as well as a whole range of copiers and MFPs.

The company describes it as a solution for ‘moderate’ level document ingestion and comes with OCR capabilities as well as document correction capabilities.

Easy to set up with a wizard for quick-start scanning projects the final production step enables the OCR engine to analyze and create full text data, generate searchable PDF files and output to DocuLex Archive Studio's WebSearch, or other Internet-enabled DMS.

While this is not the original version of Office Capture, it is not clear how far the upgrades go in comparison to previous offerings.