Want to know how scalable EMC Documentum (news, site) really is? Well they wanted to show you. So they conducted a benchmarking study with Microsoft and HP to demonstrate just how well the enterprise content management solution would perform under pressure.

The results? You be the judge, but they look pretty impressive.

One of the Biggest Studies for ECM

One of the largest studies of enterprise content management, it included over 100,000 concurrent users of EMC Documentum 6.5 over a 12 hour workday. In total there were 9 million transactions covering a number of enterprise content management activities and 38 million application hits.

Examples of transactions included logging in, navigating, checking files in and out, importing and exporting files and completing tasks from inbox.

The environment included running EMC Documentum 6.5 SP1 on HP servers and Microsoft Enterprise Edition software, including SQL Server 2008.


EMC Benchmark Study Environment

Results Highlights

Key highlights include approximately 748,000 transactions per hour with an average response time of 0.86 seconds. In total there were 878 application hits per second.

So what is the key take away from this study? It's that EMC has reduced total cost of ownership of Documentum by 50% from previous versions.

According to EMC, they understood that enterprises were under tremendous pressure to provide scalable solutions at a reasonable price. They designed Documentum 6.5 with this scalability in mind. Part of this ability to scale at a lower price point is due to the use of Microsoft enterprise server solutions like SQL Server 2008 and HP server hardware.

Frank Chao, Vice President of Product Operations, Content Management and Archiving Division at EMC said,  “Companies that deploy EMC Documentum 6.5 on top of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 will be able to take advantage of the reduced system footprint, resulting in improvements in total cost of ownership at rates greater than 50 percent over previous EMC Documentum versions.  This truly provides our customers more for less during these difficult economic times.”

You can get the full story and read the complete study on the EMC Documentum website.