Oh my, another TLA, and in such a sizeable ensemble of pre-existing acronyms, I almost feel sorry for this one. Ok, so we're talking about Enterprise Publishing Solutions (EPS) and the the nomenclature factory this time around is Documentum (disclaimer here -- I've not verified that Document coined this phrase). From the article by Calthleen Moore, published on InfoWorld: Uniting once disparate publishing tools onto a single platform, Documentum next week will unfurl its Enterprise Publishing Solution. The integrated set of products is designed to create content once, then simultaneously publish it in multiple formats through print and Web processes. Ok, so if I'm not mistaken, this is rebranded Media Asset Management. The current challenge in enterprise content management environments is multiple departmental repositories, each with separate workflow tools that make content sharing and reuse difficult, according to Mark Arbour, director of product marketing and management at Documentum. This feature announcement somehow strikes us as somewhat of a non-event. They are claiming the ability to move content in and out of the Documentum repository as if it were a network drive. This functionality does not seem like anything new in the the DM space. It sounds more like fairly standard Open Document Management API (ODMA) compliancy. Read about ODMA. Read the full article.