Double-Take Improves SharePoint Recovery
Double-Take Software, a provider of protection and back-up capabilities for virtualized and physical server environments, has acquired TimeSpring, a data protection software company. What does this mean for Microsoft SharePoint? It means improved capabilities for restoring a SharePoint site.SharePoint 2007 does have its own internal backup and recovery mechanisms. But many enterprises look to external vendors for these capabilities due to the criticality of the content stored in their SharePoint sites. Enter Double-Take with their product Double-Take for Windows which provides full-server backups, server recovery, easy deployments and the ability to maximize uptime. Now with their recent acquisition of TimeSpring, they can take recovery to a new level. TimeSpring provides Double-Take with the ability to perform operational recovery – like recovering from human errors. So what does this mean for SharePoint? It means application-level and item-level granularity for recovery. SharePoint Administrators can “rewind” through multiple versions of a SharePoint site from within a browser window. They can recover items by dragging and dropping them from an older version to the latest version. This is a big advancement over SharePoint’s internal site recovery capabilities. If you are looking for more advanced backup and recovery for your SharePoint implementation, give Double-Take a “double-take” and check out their products.