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As if enough software companies haven't already hitched their wagons to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS), echo Technology announces the beta release of its all-in-one MOSS administration solution.echo for SharePoint 2007 is designed to help SharePoint administrators migrate, deploy, update, and test solutions built on the SharePoint 2007 platform. While all that sounds nifty in theory, you're probably wondering, who is this product supposed to help? For argument's sake, imagine there are three separate enterprises: # The first enterprise is a longtime Lotus Notes/Domino shop that has made the fateful decision of switching over to SharePoint 2007 for its content management needs. # The second enterprise has been using SharePoint 2003 since it first became available, but it's since pushed the limits and is ready to upgrade. # The third enterprise is unable to decide on an enterprise content management solution and has been using Windows file shares to manage content. (Don't laugh, this situation is more common than many IT managers want to admit.) Despite the differences in circumstance, the one thing these enterprises have in common is that they are all planning to deploy SharePoint 2007 and they will need to migrate their existing content. Each of these migration scenarios can be handled by echo for SharePoint 2007, which supports migration from Lotus Notes/Domino, SharePoint 2003, and Windows File Shares. But what if the migration is complete? echo for SharePoint 2007 is glad you asked. Along with migration it assists with deployment, updating, and testing of existing SharePoint 2007 installations. The following SharePoint 2007 components are supported: * Sites * Workflows * Lists * Content Types * Alerts * Web Parts * Solutions * Features * Security * All Design Elements Furthermore, the following activities can be scheduled and automated: testing between different environments, extranet provisioning, the loading of content, and piloting. If you are looking for a product to simplify the maintenance of your existing or soon-to-be SharePoint 2007 deployment (and who isn't), then sign up for the beta and try echo for SharePoint 2007 at your enterprise.