eDiscovery for Archived Content via Digital Reef and Mimosa Partnership
Just recently we commented on the partnership between Digital Reef and FAST, the search technology and Microsoft subsidiary. It seemed to go so well, that Digital Reef (news, site) has announced another partnership, this time with Mimosa.

Mimosa (news, site) works to implement extensive eDiscovery solutions within the enterprise. Additionally, their Nearpoint archiving solution just joined the ranks of visionary, according to Gartner.

The partnership between managing unstructured data and ediscovery is pretty transparent: to improve the process of search, discovery and management of lots and lots of content. Early case assessment, most notably, is the part of the litigation process most in need of managed content.

While Mimosa's platform is capable of retaining, classifying and archiving lots of content, with Digital Reef it can provide more extensive case management, more thorough analysis of case data, as well as the ability to better mine and gather data.

The fact that both companies have made a strong name for themselves within the industry is just icing on the soon-to-be structured content. Their customers will benefit from their commitment to building innovative and necessary solutions for the enterprise. The more power customers have in the litigation process, the better they will be able to position themselves economically and productively.

The very nature of these Digital Reef partnerships highlights the collaborative nature of technology, especially where knowledge management is concerned. Digital Reefs says that they "understand that no technology is an island" and they have demonstrated it by continually seeking out alliances that help provide customers with leading edge solutions.

To learn more about the Digital Reef and Mimosa solution, which is now generally available, please visit www.digitalreefinc.com.