ZeDiscovery is Moving In-House, are Companies Ready?
Back in April, ZL Technologies estimated that 90% of large enterprise archiving projects fail. This month, ZL continues to help companies overcome eDiscovery challenges by releasing its seventh major upgrade to its flagship product, ZL Unified Archive.

What does in-house eDiscovery really mean and it is necessary? That’s exactly what we asked when we sat down with Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies.


But if you think that the answer is as straightforward as yes or no, you probably also think that eDiscovery is simple and straightforward as well.

Throughout the past 18 months, companies have changed the way they think about eDiscovery. While it once was “nice to have” it’s now “a necessity.”

So much so, that bringing eDiscovery in-house has been considered strategic and essential to keeping all data under the purview of an organization.

Knowing What You Don't Know

But what does an organization know about their data? And what do they know about eDiscovery? Well, as it turned out, not enough. While there is no shortage of eDiscovery software from which to choose, there is a steep learning curve for those involved in integrating eDiscovery solutions in-house. From data to servers to media – companies are discovering that there is a lot to keep track of.

Learning Opportunities

But as companies figure out what they need to know about eDiscovery, there is a lot they don’t know they don’t know. This is one issue that ZL Technologies is tackling.

Starting first with the larger companies they service, ZL has been talking with executives and analysts to identify the pain points of the eDiscovery process. Leong calls it “osmosis at the oasis” and says that there are a lot of myths about eDiscovery that companies believe.

It’s his job (and ours) to dispel as many of them in an effort to persuade the enterprise what is possible and necessary when it comes to eDiscovery.

Here are some insights that Leong lends to the process:

  • Storage management doesn’t equal email archiving for eDiscovery: Searching individual mailboxes does not make a search across the enterprise.Ensure that your solution can search, cull and analyze all data across the enterprise.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Integrating a solution that can accommodate and adapt to a variety of applications over time is key to helping organization handle whatever comes next, be it cloud computing, social media or regulatory standards.
  • Pain points change: From year to year, the challenges that a company faces will be different. Learn how to handle complexities -- one integrated repository can help, making things easier to manage.

The more companies acknowledge the intent of eDiscovery, the better prepared they can be to tackle eDiscovery issues and analysis. eDiscovery will continue to be a moving target, as regulations change and the bar for managing data is raised higher and higher.