EDM Group acquires Business Designs
EDM Group , a document management provide in the UK, has acquired Business Designs Limited , a business process technology consultancy. This new acquisition is expected to bolster EDM's technology services and solutions capability. It also gives them the ability to offer a Business Process Management (BPM) practice and further work toward their goal of becoming the most comprehensive document management solution provider in the industry.EDM Group picks up the existing Business Designs consultancy staff and a valuable customer list that includes British Telecom, Channel 4 and Hallmark - certainly some helpful leads for the four year old UK-based company. Sam Ferguson, the EDM Group’s chief executive, commented: “This is a step-change for EDM. The acquisition of Business Designs pushes us a year forward in our plan to become the only document management company in the UK market that can both scan large volumes and integrate documents into our customers’ key workflows and business processes. We see this as a major competitive advantage." Business Designs Ltd. will be molded into the BPM practice within the EDM Group, giving customers a solution for automating manual document handling processes such as loan or mortgage applications. This should help EDM customers cut costs, improve their enquiry response times and maybe even move the manual document handling function offshore without hurting front line customer service. According to Spencer Wyer, the founder of Business Designs who has since been appointed as EDM Group's Business Development Director, "since the new management took over at EDM in 2006 the company has been transformed from a volume scanning bureau into a value-added solutions driven business. The direction that the company is taking gives it a unique place in the market. There are companies that do the BPM and technology consultancy element and companies that do the volume scanning, but only EDM can do both as part of the same solution. We are looking forward to winning and working with many more big name customers as part of the EDM Group.” All in all, this acquisition could be the start of a big year for EDM, who run three document conversion centers around the UK and who we may begin to see more of in other countries.