Ektron Inc., a major name in Web CMS, has announced the launch of “Ektronville,” a state and local government Starter Site. Noting that many state and local government websites look and operate as though they were created a decade ago and have missed an upgrade or two, or four, Ektron’s Ektronville aims to correct this sad state of {government} affairs and bring their web presence up to date. Drawing from extensive experience with government clients, Ektron will offer a fully functional Web site, with customized information architecture and a functional framework that caters especially to the needs of government agencies. The Ektronville site will enable greater and more effective government capabilities. The community’s Web site will become more interactive, forming an ideal place to discuss town issues. Town agenda items can be posted, police reports and parks can be mapped, residents can submit reports of potential road hazards, and community officials can demonstrate their responsiveness (or lack thereof) to residents’ reports. An out-of-the-box solution, if you will. Government officials will become bloggers, offering opinions on local issues, while constituents interact in online forums and build neighborhood wikis of local information. Technology embraced by Government? To be utilized by The People? Finally! We thought it would never happen, and we’re excited about the possibilities. It is not only a real-time “citizen conversation” about pertinent local issues; it is also a way to collectively demand accountability from local leaders. In addition to Ektronville, Ektron also offers a full suite of Starter Sites targeted at several industry and business needs, including education, legal, corporate intranets, publishing, online community and healthcare. These sites incorporate Ektron CMS400.NET and are tailored to address the needs of specific business processes for organizations of all sizes. For more information about Ektron Starter Sites, visit their website. Also, we’d love to hear what you think about this new development. Do you think that Ektron’s government site offering will actually have a true impact on local communities? Share your thoughts here.