EMC Documentum Gets Adapted for Japanese Market

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Global enterprise business solutions provider NEC is to enter into an alliance with one of India’s original IT garage start-ups, HCL, to extend the reach of EMC Documentum to Japan.

The recently announcedpartnership will result in the development a specific Japanese Document Management System,with NEC setting revenue targets of US$ 750 million (75 billion Yen) for the 2011 fiscal year with the new product.

Large Enterprises Targeted

NEC is the sole original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Documentum in Japan and this alliance is specifically targeted at the large enterprise sector initially.

HCL, who has already developed Docmentum in a number of non-anglophone markets, has adapted the enterprise content management system for a list of industries ranging from the media sector to financial services and manufacturing.

"One of our primary goals is to reduce cycle time, as there will be development and customization work generated for each client when a package software like Documentum is introduced to a business," says Harumi Ikeda, Executive General of systems software developement at NEC.

"In order to address this challenge, NEC is cooperating with HCL's technical experts, who are well-versed with Documentum, to create rapidly functioning client systems that reduce cycle time."

Documentum To Manage ISO Process

Ikeda added the that principal interest in Japan at the moment from an NEC perspective was providing integrated content management systems for images, web files and documentation associated withInternational Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification applications.

Learning Opportunities

Terms of the deal between the two giants will see NEC become the contact point in the Japanese market and will be responsible for confirming system specifications.

Once the specifications have been detailed, HCL will adapt Documentum software in India, before sending it on.

The new Documentum will be known as InfoFrame Documentum and will be marketed by both companies.InfoFrame is a brand name software product that integrates information across a number of different systems.