EMC Documentum's v6.5 Includes Web 2.0 functionality
A "balance between business agility and IT control". That's what EMC is calling the latest release of EMC Documentum v6.5. This latest version is packed with Web 2.0 functionality and a number of other enhancements we told you were coming when we covered the EMC Roadmap for Content Management that came out of the EMC World conference in Vegas."For the first time, companies will be able to leverage the appeal of newer technologies for users, improve the existing content applications already in use, and power all of these with a more scalable and secure ECM platform than ever before available."

Web 2.0 Capabilities

There are a number of Web 2.0 capabilities in this release including:

Centerstage Essentials

Currently available as a free online beta, this is a new client tool for knowledge workers containing features such as shared team workspaces, guided search and simple Documentum access.

In an interview with Xconony EMC talked about their new release:"We have been known as having the best platform but not the best client,” says Karin Ondricek, an EMC senior manager for product marketing. "Our client has been a weak spot. But with the new client, people are immediately going to be able to pick it up and know how to work it. ”

Media WorkSpace

A new interface to work with media assets, the Media Workspace is an extension of the Documentum Digital Asset Manager. Built on Adobe Flex technology, it includes such features as:* Thumbnail display with zooming* Collections and comparison sets* Image Annotations and Notes* Relevance Ranking* Search * Metadata access, and more...

My Documentum

My Documentum is a lightweight client that is integrated with the desktop. It provides access to content they use most often. In addition, it provides offline access and the ability to work on documents when they are not connected.

Web Publisher Page Builder

A Flex-based authoring interface, the Web Publisher Page Builder is designed for the non-technical users providing a number of tools to create web experiences.

It is essentially a WYSIWYG editor for website creation and content contribution. Features include:* Ability to create component-based websites* Drag and drop and rich media assets* Site preview and editing* Thumbnail and template browsing* XML management and support

Documentum TaskSpace

TaskSpace is an interface for designing and managing business processes, enabling you to "unite process, content, and monitoring into a single user experience for transaction-centric business applications."Features in this component include:* Process - content unification* Configurable and reusable components* Role-based applications* Interactive forms* Task Completion* Process Dashboard

Other Enhancements and Improvements to v6.5

XML All The Way

Content is stored in the Documentum XML Store which is a new native XML database available in the platform and related content delivery applications. EMC claims it is the first "integrated, end-to-end solution for creating, managing, accessing, archiving and delivering XML alongside all other types of enterprise content."

Performance and Scalability

Two new solutions to help with performance and scalability include:* High-Volume Server: A centralized set of services for high-volume applications like archiving and transaction-based apps. The server provides high speed ingestion, batch processing, lightweight footprint for metadata and data partitioning.* EMC AVALONidm: This is an existing product, but is now integrated with Documentum's digital asset management products to provide seamless, automated management of business policies and movement of video content across tiered storage.

Records Management

Records Management is now improved with the addition of the EMC Documentum Federated Records Services (FRS). These services provide a single system of record for business content without having to move all your content into one location. This means you can continue your investment in any third party records and retention management systems.

Transactional Business Process

The Documentum Process Suite has been improved to provide a more Web 2.0 user experience for users. * Forms Builder: Now enables creation of electronic forms that are nearly identical to the real thing. Also included is bar code and electronic signature support, automatic field validation, offline support and intuitive graphic design tools.* Business Activity Monitor: BAM has been enhanced to utilize Flex technologies. Real-time business performance dashboards provide interactive charts and graphs. You can view process status, bottlenecks and other events, all embedded within TaskSpace."With the release of Documentum ECM 6.5, EMC is raising the bar for the next generation of enterprise content management," said Balaji Yelamanchili, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Content Management and Archiving at EMC. "We're delivering a balance of the best experience for users with the control and performance IT needs to sustain a scalable and secure information infrastructure."With the exception of CenterStage Essentials and My Documentum all products listed as part of Documentum ECM 6.5 are available at the end of July. The other two products will be available towards the end of Q3.