EMC Enhances SharePoint Security and Availability
Do you know what’s happening in your SharePoint environment? Do you know where you most sensitive data is stored. Do you know how secure it actually is?

The chances are that if you have deployed SharePoint, somewhere in your data repositories there is information that, if compromised, is going to cost you more than just a headache.

With this in mind, and with the growing threat to this data from unauthorized access, EMC Corporation's (news, site) security division RSA has unveiled three new solutions that could go a long way to putting your mind at ease.

Unveiled at the RSA Conference 2009 in San Francisco today, the combined solutions will secure critical information, identities and infrastructure, while at the same time ensuring full use and availability of your SharePoint platform.

With the need for better governance of SharePoint, these new products provide validated architecture and accelerated time to deployment, as well as improved secure performance.

Identifying Security Concerns

The problem is that as the deployment of SharePoint expands across enterprises, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify data that needs to be secured.

A recent survey carried out by RSA showed that concern about security issues had become such a problem, that 53% of US respondents said they would consider bringing in third-party technology to deal with it.

In fact, in June last year, a Forrester Research study showed that without the proper guidance, many enterprises were reporting difficulties managing thousands of SharePoint workspaces and unauthorized use of some of its capabilities.

Global View Of SharePoint

Enter RSA and the three new solutions. Overall, what the new solutions will do is to give users a better view of SharePoint hierarchies, where sensitive data exists, and evaluate security across the system.

The first of these new tools is RSA’s Secure View tool, which gives users a global view of their SharePoint platform from files to servers as well as identifying who has access to what data and when.

By doing so, users can identify security risks easier and faster, enabling them to develop a security strategy across SharePoint.

RiskAdvisor Determines Risk Location

Running in tandem to Secure View, is the new DLP RiskAdvisor. Leveraging RSA Data Loss Prevention Datacenter for automated discovery of sensitive information, it is designed to map high-level sensitive business functions.

In doing so, it provides a snapshot of potential exposure across an entire enterprise and determines how that data was put at risk in the first place.

After areas of risk have been identified, RiskAdvisor suggests architectures and extensive guidelines that show users how security controls can be applied across their particular platform.

Scalable EMC Proven

The third new tool, EMC Proven, helps users to discover sensitive information on SharePoint sites by integrating RSA’s DLP Suite with Microsoft’s Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD-RMS).

Tested rigorously to monitor scalability, this solution is engineered for large SharePoint sites, allowing users to:

  • Find and classify data across a large environment
  • Manage growing volumes of content and business processes
  • Enforce security protocols across that environment
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and includes a enterprise manager dashboard-based alerts
  • Ensure ROI by fully exploiting Microsoft Active Directory.

EMC Proven also has a fast recovery feature, which kicks-in in the event of a server failure, as well as an easy-to-use restart function.

RSA's information-centric security solutions and services are featured in booth 1725 at RSA Conference 2009, until April 24, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The RSA Partner Pavilion is featured in booth 1737.