It’s always a given that security is going to be a major concern for any vendor, particularly a really big one like EMC (news, site) who have just announced that they have extended the security solutions and services of their security division RSA.


The announcement was made at the RSA Conference 2010, which is currently going on in San Francisco until Thursday, with EMC focusing on compliance, secure virtualization and private cloud environments.

In particular, EMC said they are looking to mitigate fraud risk and assure identities, as well as advance security operations and in doing so make security a proactive rather than reactive consideration that they hope will bring the really security conscious big fish in their direction.

Proactive Security

In fact, it is this proactive approach to security that is at the heart of EMC’s new security offerings. Like everything else at the moment, it is driven by demands from their clients that they get better returns from their security investments.

In this respect, they say that with the development of cloud computing and virtualization, companies will have to use security as a business advantage to win potential clients and that companies will also have to be able to demonstrate that they have comprehensive packages in place.

New Security Services

EMC has added a number of new features including services for:

  • Standards and Compliance: Policy Driven Management service based on services acquired from Archer Technologies in January. These complement existing information risk management, data classification and GRC management solutions.
  • Virtualization and Private Cloud Security: Assessment of existing private clouds and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and implementation of RSA solutions to build secure computing environments.
  • Fraud Mitigation and Identity Assurance: A new Fraud Assessment and Strategy service that complements identity assurance, program development, risk management and assessment of risk levels.

Security In Context

The overall objective is to move away from siloed, point-solution approaches to security and place it in its proper business context across the IT assets and security compliance activities.

That EMC is prepared to invest heavily in this new approach to security became clear last January when it bought Archer Technologies (news, site ) which became part of RSA. That acquisition added policy management, as well as risk and compliance software to the traditional security management software that EMC already possessed.

Archer has a number of out of the box solutions for Policy, Risk, Compliance, Enterprise, Incident, Vendor, Threat, Business Continuity and Audit Management all built on the SmartSuite Framework. They also have an online Community for collaboration and support and an Exchange.