Customers attracted to Documentum, but dreading the deployment effort, now have a new option. EMC announced EMC OnDemand, a hybrid platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering that includes EMC Documentum, EMC Captiva and EMC Document Sciences.

EMC Takes Enterprise CMS to the Clouds

An increasing number of organizations are seeking to implement enterprise CMS solutions to gain better control of their organizational content. Although the benefits of such solutions are clear, they can be time-consuming and technically complex to implement. EMC OnDemand reduces some of those concerns.

EMC OnDemand is squarely targeted at the enterprise market. In addition to reducing deployment and management complexity, the new PaaS:

  • Uses virtualization to eliminate desktop client installs
  • Allows on-premise installation for customers with a private cloud infrastructure
  • Offers a high level of security equivalent to a “hardened” on-premise data center

The company terms the approach “Virtual Cube” or “VCube.” VCube is a multi-service container that can contain multiple pre-installed, pre-configured and dynamically provisioned EMC and EMC partner products. The unique thing about VCube is that EMC virtualized it using VMWare. This  allows the solution to be location-agnostic, something few cloud vendors can claim. What does this mean to you? If you no longer want your applications in the cloud, you can pick up the VCube and drop it in a private data center -- easy peasy.

In addition to portability, EMC spent a lot of effort ensuring the solution was secure enough for the most risk-averse and paranoid of organizations. The company leveraged VMWare’s vShield and its own suite of RSA security products to:

  • Secure the solution against internal network threats
  • Add additional governance for encryption, key management and malware prevention
  • Add disaster recovery measures

EMC created a webcast that details the additional details of EMC OnDemand.

What This Means

Other vendors such as SpringCM and Nuxeo already offer enterprise CMS in the cloud, but EMC seems to be “upping” the “enterprise” in enterprise content management. Do you think support for the hybrid cloud will be a key differentiator? We would love to hear your thoughts.