EMC Releases Case Mgt Framework, Other Updates
If you are hanging out at the AIIM Conference the next few days, you are going to hear some interesting news and announcements from EMC (news, site). Along with some revealing research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by EMC, on the impact and importance of organizational agility, EMC is also announcing some new solutions designed to help customers work smarter.

New and Updated Solutions

EMC has announced a couple of new and updated solutions positioned to enable enterprises the ability to quickly deploy content-enabled applications.

A New Case Management Framework

The EMC Documentum Case Management Solution Framework is a framework that provides the ability for a group of people to work on a case systematically and effectively combining content data, policies and rules, and processes.

The framework is a set of pre-configured technologies that include:

  • Content management
  • Collaboration
  • Business Process Management
  • Document Capture
  • Constituent Communications (Customer Communications Management)

The Case Management Framework is a foundation environment built on a services platform (SOA). This means it can easily snap into other environments and applications.

The framework is about configuration, not coding and bundles the technologies with a number of best practices for building and deploying case management solutions.

Included as best practices are:

  • RAD and Deployment: tutorial and sample applications designed to provide developers with a blueprint they can quickly replicate reducing the amount of time required to get a solution up and running
  • Rapid Composition Development: Help reduce project risks that come with longer development cycle times and increased costs.

New Version of ApplicationXtender

ApplicationXtender is not a new solution for EMC. Designed for the departmental market, the latest version of ApplicationXtender, version 6.0, is an instant document management solution that helps to capture, index, retrieve and route documents through workflows. There is also a retention module for both documents and images.

This solution is built for the non-technical user who needs to accelerate business processes around documents, but can't afford an enterprise level solution. The ApplicationXtender is built on Microsoft .NET and integrates with MS Office.

EMC SD of Content Management and Archiving, Chris Preston, says they used the .NET platform because this is what most departments use for an environment today. EMC wanted to provide a solution that would leverage the tools and capabilities already available.

Increased CMIS Support

Also being announced today is EMC's proof of its support for the CMIS specification. Examples of integration with both Alfresco and Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management are provided.

The Importance of Organizational Agility

EMC sponsored research by the Economist Intelligence Unit that examined business agility in this tough economy. Called Organizational Agility: How Businesses Can Survive and Thrive in Turbulent Times, the report reveals some interesting findings on how business need to be agile, but seem to have trouble moving in this direction.

The research was conducted with 300 senior executives from organizations around the world. Some findings of the research included:

  • 88% of those surveyed believe agility is crucial for success
  • 27% believe their organization may be at a disadvantage because they aren't agile enough
  • 81% believe Collaboration and Knowledge Management are key factors to increasing productivity, performances and innovation -- all necessary to be agile
  • 80% had undertaken an initiative to become more agile but of these 35% said they failed to deliver the benefits desired

Very interesting, many surveyed, believe that IT will be the real agent to help achieve organizational agility by providing solutions that provide faster access to real-time information, improved search and better integration of IT systems.

“Companies today are looking for ways to remain competitive and retain high-value customers while budgets are shrinking beneath them,” said Whitney Tidmarsh, Chief Marketing Officer of the Content Management and Archiving Division at EMC. “The key to organizational agility is minimizing expensive redundancies and optimizing core processes. By more effectively integrating a broad range of enterprise content management solutions – including knowledge management and collaboration systems -- into the information infrastructure and the business, key information can be more readily accessible to decision-makers. This improves their overall ability to problem-solve, communicate rapidly with customers, make quick decisions, and convert information into intelligence.”

If you aren't attending the AIIM conference, you can download the report for free to learn more about these findings.