EMC’s (news, site) presence in the cloud is to be substantially increased with the announcement at EMCWorld that it is making Captiva, Document Sciences, CenterStage and Documentum available on demand on either private clouds, or on public clouds through appropriate service providers.

Making the announcement, EMC said its initial cloud strategy will focus on content management and enterprise collaboration applications, and that, using them, enterprises can substantially reduce their deployment times to a fraction of the current times.


Keeping in mind that EMC owns VMWare (news, site) and that its security business RSA (news, site) is one of the biggest in the space, the company says that it will be able to offer interested enterprises cloud access, while at the same time dealing with the major concerns enterprises currently have about the cloud, notably security, storage, infrastructure and virtualization.

EMC OnDemand…helps customers achieve this agility by delivering enterprise applications in the cloud. Powered by VMware's portfolio of cloud infrastructure and management solutions, EMC's OnDemand offerings reduce IT complexity so that customers can focus on business value," said Paul Maritz, Chief Executive Officer, VMware.

Even though it is pushing a little bit for EMC to claim that the release of these applications is game-changing, the announcement does indicate where the competition in the future is going to be.

Leaving aside the usual benefits of low cost and quick deployments, EMC says it will be offering enterprises either on- or off-premise, private or public cloud-enabled, or combinations of both, managed by EMC. In other words, think up a cloud strategy and EMC will make it happen, depending on how deeply you want to go into the cloud.

OnDemand Technologies

And if EMC can do this, it’s based largely around technologies that it has developed itself, or from technologies that it has bought, which means the number of companies that can offer similar packages is limited.

Both are built around VCUBE, or rather around VCUBE, the cloud deployment container, and VCUBE manager, the centralized management environment.

VCUBE can carry one or more EMC or EMC partner solutions using technologies from VMWare, including VMware View for desktop virtualization and VMware vCloud Director, as well as vShield for security.

The VCUBE Manager does what you might expect it to do by providing one place for managing administration issues, such as integration services or patch updates, and includes a suite of RSA solutions for cloud governance and protection.

All the OnDemand services are packaged with operating systems and application servers, and are preconfigured with appropriate test, development and production vApps.

The OnDemand services are not available yet, but are being used by a number of customers under an early release program, but they should be generally available by the second half of the year.