Build Document Capture Processes Quick, Easy with EMC's InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer
EMC (news, site) has introduced a new designer to its Captiva InputAccel intelligent capture solution that aims to make building document capture processes a lot faster and easier.

Document Scanning On the Rise

According to recent AIIM Research drivers for document scanning are primarily based on improved searchability for knowledge management, with compliance and business process improvement close behind.

Interestingly centralized in-house scanning is looking to be a more desired approach to document scanning that outsourcing the activity. Desktop solutions are not the favorite solution however, instead MFPs are seeing higher uptake.

A New Designer to Support Document Scanning

But it's not a simple as just scanning a document and walking away. There's a bit of processing involved to say what to do with the document, including performing activities such as image enhancement, classification, data extraction, validation and delivery to other systems.

Which is where EMC comes in. EMC Captiva is a suite of applications to support document scanning and capture that includes the Captiva InputAccel intelligent capture solution.

The latest addition to the suite is the new InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer, a graphical design tool that allows you to create and configure capture processes. The key feature here is that there is no coding required. This is a drag and drop environment that can create simple to complex capture processes.

Tested and Proved

The new designer, included as part of the InputAccel solution, has already been tested by 100 customers and partners in a pre-release software program.


InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer

You can see the Designer in action in this EMC Community video.

Making Processes Easier

The InputAccel CaptureFlow Designer is the not the first designer built by EMC to provide configuration of processes as opposed to coding processes. The xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) was released in June of this year, and is a platform that allows you to build and deliver case-based solutions rapidly -- configuration not coding.

EMC certainly seems committed to helping organizations work faster and hopefully cheaper as it should take less time to put together the processes required to support business needs.