EMC enterprise content management XML store
EMC Documentum has released a couple of new products based on XML technology. The products: XML Store and Dynamic Delivery Services are expected to help XML become a driver for any type of content-rich application when integrated with the Documentum enterprise content management system.

EMC Documentum XML Store

The XML data store is a native XML repository. It is integrated into the Documentum platform to provide XML processing. It contains a full text engine and an XQuery engine that together support search and retrieval of any content. You continue to use standard Documentum interfaces to store XML content into the XML Store. The Store seems to provide to better access to that information. By integrating the XML Store into the Documentum content management system, organizations get complete ECM content management for their XML data. According to EMC, no changes to Documentum customizations or applications are required to use the XML Store.

EMC Documentum Dynamic Delivery Services

The XML Store is the foundation for the second product released: EMC Documentum Dynamic Delivery Services. The Store helps aggregate and cache content from just about anywhere. This new set of services helps improve the way XML content can be delivered to applications. It provides the ability to offer relevant content on-demand in a personalized manner based on user requests, preferences and profiles.


While the XML Store may be new to the Documentum ECM, it’s not new to OEM Developers. The OEM version of this product was released earlier this month. According to EMC, the Store is built on open standards and is designed to manage and publish complex documentation like technical specifications. It seems a bit strange they would offer to OEM developers before releasing it as a product in their regular line-up. Maybe they were just ironing out the final kinks. Or maybe this version is more robust than the OEM version. You can read more about the XML Store capabilities on their website.