Vignette Web Experience Platform
Looking for a platform solution to deliver a superior online experience for your customers? Well aren't we all??Enterprise Content Management Provider Vignette has announced their new Web Experience Platform designed just for this purpose. Let's take a peek and see what's in their solution offering...The Web Experience Platform is a suite of integrated products and services:PersonalOn a personal level, Vignette wants to help marketing and customer service personal provide relevant, engaging content. To that end, they will offer:* An "enhanced version" of their Rich Media Services product which includes analytics.* A new solution called Vignette Recommendations that help deliver content to an individual based on what they appear to be trying to do.* Social search technologySocialIt's a Web 2.0 world now for content management providers. Vignette is coming to the party with two community product lines which have all the required capabilities of any community solution (ratings, reviews, tagging, forums, tag clouds and much more).Can't tell you what the products are called though - it's a Vignette kept secret.MultichannelGetting ready to offer high-quality multichannel content delivery, Vignette is improving it's process automation and interaction capabilities. These enhancements should improve the ability to offer all types of business transactions online and to multiple devices.Strong Enterprise FoundationA company that understands that a strong scalable enterprise foundation is a "must-have" for organizations today, Vignette is whispering sweet nothings regarding improvements to their foundation:* A new innovative, patent Web content caching product called High Performance Delivery. This product is a combination of intelligent cache, dynamic page caching (with AJAX support) and real-time caching. Caching is one area that Vignette knows and does very well.“Our customers seek ways to deliver an enhanced online experience that is uniquely theirs,” said Mike Aviles, president and chief executive officer at Vignette. “Vignette’s Web Experience Platform is comprehensive, flexible and scalable. It provides our customers the integrated suite of products and services they need to execute on their particular Web strategies.” For more information, they say you can read about the Vignette Web Experience Platform on their site. But there's nothing more there than we have told you here - at least not yet. Too bad they didn't offer some kind of alert capability that would tell us when there's more meat on the page.Until then, stay tuned to hear more.