We know that SharePoint is most often used as a document management solution in organizations today. But out of the box, SharePoint doesn't have all the necessary features for securing and classifying documents. Titus Labs, a provider of email and classification software, has provided some enhanced features that will help you use SharePoint to keep your documents safe and easy to find.

A Family of Supporting SharePoint Products

To support the large number of organizations who have implemented SharePoint as their primary solution for document management and records management, Titus Labs has created three new products. These products are designed to provide stronger security and enhanced information classification:

  • Titus Labs PDF Control for SharePoint
  • Titus Labs Document Marking for SharePoint
  • Titus Labs Office Converter for SharePoint

Titus says that employees often forget to tag their documents as they add them to SharePoint. So there may already be a ton of documents sitting in SharePoint poorly tagged or not tagged at all. Finding what they need then proves to be difficult.

Each of the three products is designed to either support the proper classification of documents or ensure that only the right people have access to them.

In addition, all products work with both SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and Microsoft SharePoint Services 2007 (WSS).

Titus Labs PDF Control for SharePoint

The biggest concern with MS Office documents is that they can be easily changed by users, even when they are supposed to be maintained as is. Many organizations opt for PDF format for storing, archiving and sharing documents they want to ensure can't be changed. But not every employee who adds a document to SharePoint has a PDF converter.

Titus Labs offers a PDF Control for SharePoint. This product automatically converts Office documents to SharePoint as they are added by users. No additional software is required and as changes to the original document are made and uploaded to SharePoint, the PDF is also updated.

This does result in two copies of the document being stored in SharePoint -- which can mean your storage limits may get reached faster -- but it also means you can assign permissions on both versions of the document.

The PDF converter works with both Office 2003 and Office 2007 documents. 

Titus Labs Document Marking for SharePoint

Document classification is a critical component of any document and records management solution today -- especially with compliance issues the forefront of the news. It can be challenging to get employee to tag, or tag correctly, the documents they store in SharePoint.

Document Marking for Sharing eases this concern by automatically classifying -- adding labels -- to Microsoft Office documents as they are added. These labels can be in several locations including document headers, footers and watermarks. These labels are configurable through a custom policy setting in the SharePoint Administration interface.

Tagging is based on the document's metadata or based on text strings within the document. These labels cannot be removed by users.

Not only are new documents able to be classified in this manner, but existing document libraries can be tagged by setting a label policy on it.

Document Marking for SharePoint works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 documents.

Titus Labs Office Converter for SharePoint

You may have an organization who is still using Office 2003 and is slowly converting to Office 2007. But your preference is to have all your documents stored in the same format. To help make this transition easier, Titus offers Office Converter for SharePoint.

As you add your Office 2003 documents to SharePoint, they are automatically converted to Office 2007.

You can use the Office Converter in conjunction with the Document Marking for SharePoint to automatically label your Office 2003 documents when they are added to SharePoint.

Helping Make SharePoint a Stronger Doc Management Solution

All three of these Titus Labs Products go a long way to help make SharePoint a stronger Document Management Solution.

“As a provider of information classification solutions for the Microsoft Office platform over the past five years we have seen the large and growing acceptance of Microsoft SharePoint as a critical platform for managing information assets,” said Charlie Pulfer, VP Product Management, Titus Labs. “Customers have a clear need for additional tools for classification and enhanced document security.  Our new family of products for the SharePoint platform is designed to meet and exceed on these requirements.”

For organizations that need document management, but really can't afford the high priced enterprise solutions available on the market today, adding Titus Labs products may be the alternative providing better security and classification for compliance purposes.

If you aren't sure, you can try it before you buy it. Unfortunately, we can't tell you how much these products costs, you need to contact sales for that information.