We are a nation that lives and dies by statistics. Whether it's the latest Who's Hot and Who's Not List, the Fortune 100 or the statistics to show who is using what, when, why or how, we eat it up. Statistics remain an important barometer to determine a level of success, whether it be an individuals' or how many people are adopting document and records management systems. According to a recent survey by AIIM Europe in the UK, the number of firms that have implemented document and records management systems has doubled in the past two years. The survey culled respondents from over 150 companies in the UK and the results indicated that 29% are implementing a document and records management system. This is an increase of almost 100% since 2005. An additional 19% plan to start adding systems across their departments, up from 13% two years ago. Likewise, only 13% are cutting back on spending in these areas. The biggest challenge for firms attempting to adopt change in their documents and managements systems remains getting the green light from the higher ups, with 27% claiming that upper management remain the bottlenecks. It's no wonder -- change doesn't always come easily or quickly and most ECM projects register on the "significant" side of the cost scale. Even so, the adoption rate in the UK is right on line with the US.