Enterprise content management systems (ECM) often fill different roles depending on the department or division where they are used -- document storage, records management, collaboration, case management, image capture, etc. The list of possibilities is long.

Implementation needs and decisions can vary as well, even in cases with the same basic requirements -- say for document management. The outcome of this hodgepodge tends to be multiple, custom implementations, even different ECM systems competing for attention within an organization. The net/net is a lack of central information management and control.

A Positive ECM Paradox

According to enterprise content management solutions provider Laserfiche, it doesn't have to be this way. By intelligently implementing Enterprise CMS as a Shared Service, you can provide centralized control and give divisions or departments the autonomy and flexibility they require. This is the ECM paradox they see in the field and one that's all about positives.

Of course, the reality is always more complicated. But if their vision makes sense to you, then their upcoming webinar entitled Enterprise CMS + Business Process Management = Shared Services (register here) could be worth your time.

Practical Concepts, Case Studies

The live event will run this Thursday August 5th at 2pm Pacific  / 5pm Eastern time. The speakers will cover the ECM+BMP shared services model and run through:

  • The benefits and challenges of implementing ECM as a Shared Service
  • How a shared developer skill-set can help you standardize and enable specialization
  • How three different business processes from different divisions can leverage the same shared information management infrastructure

Interested? You can register for the free webinar here.