EntropySoft Releases A SharePoint Connector
There may be a lot of buzz about the public preview of the proposed Content Management Interoperability Specification (CMIS), but it hasn't stopped EntropySoft (news, site), a provider of read/write enterprise content connectors from continuing to enhance and expand its product line.

Today the company offers the latest updates to its thirty some content connectors, including the ability to track changes in the repository.

Who is Changing Your Content?

It's great to have the ability to integrate your enterprise content management systems to each other and/or other applications. But sometimes changes get made and you aren't sure who or what made those changes and when.

A new feature added to six of EntropySoft's content connectors will help you out. You can now get a listing of documents that have been added, edited and deleted in the repository since the last time you requested the list of changes.

The connectors work for the following systems:

  • EMC Documentum Content Server
  • Open Text Livelink
  • IBM FileNET P8
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange WebStorage
  • Open Text eDocs Hummingbird DM.

What types of changes are recorded? Changes to the content itself, the metadata and the permissions. Changes such as these are required on a regular, if not immediate basis, particularly when it comes to enterprise search.

Search indexes need to be kept up to date to ensure results are accurate and available only to the proper people. This is where this new feature will be a welcome addition to the connectors.


EntropySoft Content Connectors

Additional Improvements to Connectors

Although tracking changes is likely the most necessary enhancement to its content connectors, EntropySoft has also delivered other improvements across their line up. Additional changes include:

  • URL Generation: To access documents via the browser, a URL is returned with each document and folder
  • Support for Aspects: Used with Alfresco, Documentum, JCR and LiveLink, aspects are additional type for a document in addition to their primary type
  • Version-independent identifier: Allows for easy reference of all versions of a document
  • Improved schema information: All properties applied to a document are now available in the schema, as well as other information such as parent type, can be searched, can be versioned and more.

In addition, improvements have been made to exception management, permissions and user and group directory management.

Not just for Enterprise CMS

The EntropySoft connectors are designed for enterprise content management systems, web content management systems, records management systems, collaboration systems and messaging systems.

The amount of functionality within these content connectors is extensive. Along with the new features, which were demanded by customers, the connectors also boast extensive search, workflow and navigation capabilities. And this is in addition to document features.

You can view the entire list of functionality on their website.