EntropySoft supports CMIS, Kerberos and has a new user experience
EntropySoft (news, site) announces a new release of their content migration solution, Content Hub, starting with a new web based user interface.

Transferring Information Easily

The Content Hub is a centralized access point that can connect to a wide array of repositories, including many popular enterprise content management systems. Business applications that need to access content in a number of different content repositories can connect to the Content Hub and gain seamless access to all required content. The Hub is also used to move content from one repository to another.

A new version of the Content Hub has been released that offers a fully functional web-based interface to be used by anyone in an organization regardless of technical expertise. EntropySoft says that content can be easily transferred and managed with just a few clicks -- no more complex mapping or parameters to define.

This new ease of use will enable the business units to manage their own content, moving it from repository to repository, including cloud-based repositories.

Full CMIS Support

EntropySoft has been saying for awhile that CMIS, the new proposed content management interoperability standard, will be supported. Its 35+ read-write content connectors, including SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Open Text, Alfresco and more, are all CMIS compatible. The standard is expected to be fully approved the end of this month, at which time EntropySoft says all connectors will be in complete compliance.

In addition the Content Hub adds Web Services security and MTOM.

Supporting Kerberos for Single Sign In

Well known to Microsoft users, Kerberos is a standard security protocol and the default for Windows Server 2000 and up. The Content Hub now supports this standard, providing better security for connectors to SharePoint, Exchange and other applications that use it including Alfresco and FileNet.

There are a number of good updates in this latest release of EntropySoft's Content Hub. Features that would expect from vendor that supports the ability to move content from repository to repository, especially for organizations who have more than one content repository to deal with. Watch this video to learn more about EntropySoft's Solutions: