EntropySoft Releases EMC CenterStage Connector
Not long after announcing their new EMC Documentum DFS Connector, EntropySoft (news, site) officially announces they can also connect to EMC CenterStage and that they will support CMIS.


Connecting to CenterStage

EMC CenterStage is a business-to-business collaboration solution built to support the mobile knowledge worker and office worker alike. It is a client to EMC's enterprise content management system, Documentum.

The CenterStage Connector leverages the new Documentum DFS Connector and is the first known connector to CenterStage. Using the connector you can create and access CenterStage collaboration objects such as spaces, folders, files, wiki, section, pages, blogs, blog entries and more.

EntropySoft also has a connector for Documentum's eRoom. Using both, you have the ability to migrate your content from eRoom into CenterStage.

Demo of migration of eRoom Content into CenterStage

Supporting the CMIS Specification

EntropySoft has also indicated that their collection of content connectors will support the Content Management Interoperability Specification (CMIS) when it becomes an official spec.

According to Serge Guillerme, EntropySoft's Director, Marketing and Business Development, "it [CMIS] validates our 5-year-old enterprise mission to increase content-centric application interoperability."

Which means there's work being done on the 35 plus content connectors in EntropySoft's stores. As more details become available, we will share them with you.