EntropySoft Releases A SharePoint Connector

Connecting to the content stored inside a SharePoint repository is something every wants to be able to do. EntropySoft, a provider of Enterprise Content Integration technologies, is among those who offers a solution. And the good news is they have just updated their SharePoint Connector to provide even more of the integration requirements organizations are demanding.

The First Version of the SharePoint Connector

The initial version of the EntropySoft Microsoft SharePoint Connector enabled read and write access to a number of SharePoint objects and features including:

  • SharePoint sites objects
  • Folders
  • Documents and Document Libraries
  • The Folder Structure
  • Security Objects
  • Copy
  • Lifecycle
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Move
  • Versioning

The New Features of the SharePoint Connector

With this latest release, the SharePoint Connector can also read and write to all types of lists including:

  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Issues
  • Discussion Boards
  • Contacts

In addition, EntropySoft provides a new installer that has a step-by-step wizard specifically for SharePoint sites.

A Portfolio of Connectors

The SharePoint Connector is just one of over 30 different connectors, some of which we have mentioned before. EntropySoft is focused on the OEM market to sell their connectors, providing many other technology vendors with the ability to provide interoperability within their customer solutions.

We spoke last week of how the Content Connector industry may be affected by the new CMIS specification. Most think the connector industry won't disappear, but will very likely become more specialized in provider specific functionality outside the realm of CMIS.

The SharePoint Connector works with both MOSS and WSS3.0. Find out more about the new SharePoint Connector on the EntropySoft website.