epok Ensures Secure Access to MOSS Intranets and Extranets
Out of the box, you can set up multiple secure access entries to your SharePoint sites -- although it does require some work and thinking. Epok has come to table with their own access control solution -- Epok® Edition for SharePoint version 2.4 -- that they claim will help you provide better, secure access for your partners and business units. And it includes dynamic Microsoft Office integration. Say you want to create an Extranet to enable your business partners or geographically dispersed divisions and teams, to access your SharePoint site. Epok claims their solution enables IT to quickly authorize business users to set up users and resources and manage authorization on their own -- and all with a couple of mouse clicks. Some of the features offered through this solution include: * Delegate Extranet User Administration: Delegate responsibility to either trusted partners or specific employees * Isolate Extranet User Accounts: Keep your extranet accounts separate from the Corporate Active Directory * Reduce rogue user risk: Ensure employees and users who should no longer have access don't * Link access rights to business relationships: Enable users to only access that information that relates to them * Click-through reporting: Track user activity via dashboard style reports and graphs Along with these features, a number of compliance features are included to ensure that you have the controls in place to manage your information in accordance with regulations and compliance policies. Features include tracking activity, integration with SEM systems, communicating user policy and recording authorization purposes. “Easy to use UI extensions in Release 2.4 allow SharePoint users to reach users across multiple directories in multiple organizations, server sites and operating systems,” said Fred Giordano, President and CEO of Epok. “Enhanced integration increases productivity and effectiveness by offering MySites and powerful Office Client integration to the extended user base.” The solution is tightly integrated in the SharePoint Administration capabilities so you don't have to use two different administration tools. This solution is much more robust than what you can do with SharePoint on its own. The compliance features alone make it worth looking at. You can view a webinar on the Epok site on how this solution actually works or see the demo.