Equivio Enhances eDiscovery with Relevance
It's all about enhancing eDiscovery these days. Equivio is leading the charge with its announcement of Relevance, an expert-guided system that enhances the eDiscovery process through automated document prioritization.

Instead of having to use keywords to pre-filter documents prior to processing the report, Equivio recognizes that too many relevant documents may go missing or unfiltered, and as a result, have designed Relevance to use statistical and self-learning techniques to calculate relevant scores for each document in the data collection.

By being able to recall accurate information, Equivio lets users assert a higher level of measurement and control over the eDiscovery process. As well, Relevance helps to prioritize and manage document review, without being subject to rigid approaches that may eliminate necessary keywords. Instead, it automatically generates a list of keywords from relevant documents represented in the collection.

But Relevance isn't just limited to keywords and statistical solutions. It provides other equally valuable tools, such as:

  • Early case assessment: Facilitates rapid assessment of the key issues and concepts in a case.
  • Culling: Achieves high levels of recall and precision.
  • Review prioritization: Organizes review sets according to relevance rankings and prioritizes document review.
  • Review quality assurance: Identifies discrepancies in the responsiveness designations and finds responsive documents missed in the detail review.

Equivio's Relevance is available as a specialized component for integration within third-party services and applications for eDiscovery, internal investigations and intelligence and is built for "straightforward plug-in" as an OEM component using the Equivio SDK, or as a standalone application using the Equivio GUI, integrated within a broader third-party solution or service offering.