Choices, choices, choices... but no big players yet. That's the message for European CMS technology buyers, according to the European edition of the CMS Report by CMS Watch, released today. "Standard", and "Enterprise" -- for large multi-site projects -- editions are available.This 10th edition of the Report, is the first time a European version was produced. The report notes that a "dizzying array" of CMS vendors offer solutions in the marketplace. This can spell opportunity for companies wishing to enter the arena. European vendors covered in the report include: CoreMedia, Day Software, EPiServer, e-Spirit, Escenic, eZ publish, GOSS, Immediacy, RedDot, Mediasurface, Sitecore, Synkron, Terminalfour, and Tridion. Based on hundreds interviews with web content management system (CMS) customers worldwide, the 10th Edition includes detailed comparisons across 17 key feature categories, and evaluations of product suitability for 12 universal CMS scenarios. The technical charts, product screen illustrations, and comparisons can prove critical to organizations seeking to invest in a new content infrastructure strategy. With the single-user cost for the Standard edition at US$ 950, this is what you'd expect. The Enterprise edition covers special issues related to designing and implementing enterprise-level web content management projects, and reviews 7 enterprise-level CMS vendors (EMC|Documentum, FileNet, IBM, Interwoven, Open Text, Stellent, and Vignette). The European edition covers all the major international providers from the Enterprise edition, as well as several vendors specific to the European market. Interested folks can get a copy of the report today.