Here's another must attend event if you live on the west coast -- or just feel like visiting Vancouver, British Columbia -- home of XFiles series. For content management professionals who need to look more strategically at their content, the Content Convergence and Integration 2008 conference could be the trick. The 3 day event March 12-14, 2008 is brought to you by the Strategy A Consulting Group. The conference has been designed to cover content topics from both the Web and XML structured authoring perspective. Each day of the conference covers a specific theme: * Day 1: The Framework Age * Day 2: The Future of XML Publishing * Day 3: Culture, Commerce, and Copyright Now to be honest, I reviewed the sessions for each day and I didn't exactly understand how the theme for the day always fit in; however, there are a number of workshops and interesting sessions on XML and web publishing, Web 2.0, the impact of DITA, content portability, localization and a lot more. The number of speakers is staggering. The keynote for Day 1 is by Liz Danzico, editor-in-chief for Boxes and Arrows. Another name you will recognize is Rick Sloboda of Webcopyplus - whose articles you often read on this site. There's also a special focus on tourism in anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympics "which faces all the content challenges being discussed at the conference: multiples types of content converging and being redistributed, being integrated and syndicated, in multiple, complex ways". A full conference pass will cost you US $699. There are special rates if you are a member of one of several associations and a special deal called "BYOB: Bring-Your-Own-Boss - 3 for 2!" Head over to their site to register or just find out more details on the conference.