Event: FOSS Fans to Gather at Open World Forum in Paris
Forget Paris in the spring. Do it in the Fall this year, particularly if you are involved, interested or even vaguely curious about open source software.

That's because in October, the second Open World Forum with the Open Source Think Tank will take place in Paris and bring together the key global players in the Free, Libre and Open Software (FLOSS) community.

Conceived as a ‘meeting point’ where industry movers-and-shakers, community leaders, politicos and CIOs could all bang their collective heads together, this year’s event will focus on FLOSS as one of the key drivers in the development of the digital industry.

Roadmap 2020 Revisited

''Computing – along with green technologies – is the key driver for the growth of our economy. Free, Libre and Open Source Software is now its essential foundation and source of innovation,'' said Jean-Noël de Galzain, Chairman of the Program Committee for the Open World Forum 2009 and CEO of Wallix .

Unlike many talking shops, the Open World Forum does actually sit down and collate its workings into a formal document, or documents.

Last year, over 1,200 delegates took part in 17 seminars with contributions from 160 speakers and came up with the Roadmap 2020, a prospective Roadmap and a projection of the influences that will affect FLOSS between now and 2020.

Currently undergoing strong growth, delegates arrive at the conclusion that even by 2012 the sector is likely to represent 30% of investment in software and IT services - the equivalent of 2% of GDP of most countries.

This year, delegates will be looking at the Roadmap again to update and include happenings in the past 12 months that may influence the outcome of it.

Current themes include:

  • Public policies: promoting sustainable development of shared resources
  • FLOSS: the key to future innovation and competitive differentiation?
  • Ensuring sustainability for FLOSS developer communities and business ecosystems
  • Technological and economic breakthroughs: challenge or opportunity for FLOSS?
  • IT 3.0: towards new governance for information systems?
  • FLOSS: a lever for employment and careers
  • FLOSS in an Open World: Innovations and best practices from Brazil

It also highlights all sectors that will, potentially, be impacted by FLOSS, from the economy to the Information Society.

Open Source Think Tank

Preceding the Open World Forum between September 28 and 30th, the Open Source Think Tank 2009 will take place.

A two-day brainstorming session by CEOs, CIOs and CTOs, it will bring together all of the open source industry to openly share their concerns, issues, experiences and common problems, while collaboratively developing solutions.

The Open World Forum 2009 takes place October 1-2 and will include a FLOSS Community Summit, an Open CIO Summit, a FLOSS Competence Centers Summit, a FLOSS Politics Summit, an Open Innovation Summit and several associated events.

It is an open event and organizers say they welcome any new conference proposals.