Quest Software today announced their latest migration tool, Quest Migrator, to help system administrators take their Public Folder data from Exchange 2003 Servers and pull it into SharePoint (MOSS) 2007. But why you ask? Because if you're sticking with MS Exchange, there is little choice.Microsoft's announcement last year that Exchange 2007 would no longer include Public Folders sent shivers down many admins' spines -- especially to those with little SharePoint integration experience. Quest, a developer of Microsoft migration solutions for over ten years, appears to have just the solution for easing their fears of the coming 2007 products. David Ferris, President and senior analyst, Ferris Research says, "Many organizations that use Exchange Server have amassed a huge number of public folders over the past 10 years. When they decide to migrate this data, for instance to SharePoint, both business and technical challenges can arise. It is imperative that IT have a defined project management plan to address these challenges before, during and after migration, and Quest has done just that by using its knowledge of migration and extending it to SharePoint." A second Quest product, MessageStats, can be used for pre-migration assessment of the data that organizations house, allowing administrators and business leaders to comb through their Public Folders and easily weed out irrelevant and outdated information. Along with acknowledging the importance of the data accuracy in enterprise Public Folder migration, Quest also emphasizes the minimal impact on the end user by using its tested ZeroIMPACT product which ensures that end users are automatically and transparently redirected to SharePoint when attempting to navigate to Public Folders. If they work as advertised, products like these from Quest should help Microsoft enterprise sys admins sleep better at night. Pricing and Availability Version 1.0 of Quest Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint is available immediately and is architected under a single console that includes enterprise management with Site Administrator and bulk migration with Public Folder Migrator for SharePoint. North American pricing begins at US$ 15 per managed user for existing Site Administrator customers or US$ 25 per managed user which includes a Site Administrator license. For more information and to download a free evaluation copy go here.