eXo, Jaspersoft Integrate Collaboration and Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) has gone social with the collaboration of respected open source companies JasperSoft (news, site) and eXo (newssite). The companies are providing the ability for JasperSoft’s BI applications to interact with eXo Platform 3.0 social features and gadget-based development.

Integrating Collaboration & Business Intelligence

The eXo Platform product is a Java-based enterprise content management, collaboration, social and portal tool architected on the GateIn (newssite) portal framework with a rich UI. Jaspersoft, is an open source business intelligence vendor based in San Francisco, offering several different products including: JasperServer, Jasper Analysis and JasperETL. 

The two companies have teamed up to extend JasperSoft's business intelligence applications with eXo's social and collaboration capabilities, including workspaces and activity streams. This integration can be done for an intranet or included as a widget in a dashboard -- support for OpenSocial is required.

Why Would You Add Collaboration to BI?

eXo provides a couple of examples where you might want to integrate collaborative capabilities with business intelligence:

  • Activity Streams: Every time a Jaspersoft Report is generated, updated or a user had some interaction, you can send a notification via the activity stream.
  • Dashboard: Obviously dashboards are key apps for BI, so wouldn't it be good to display those activity streams created above in one?
  • Reports: Pull your activity streams from other third party apps into the eXo activity stream, then analyze the social data and display a single report in your intranet or dashboard. This one requires some work by developers.

Here's look at how you can display JasperServer activities in the eXo Platform:

Display JasperServer activities in eXo Platform 3 from eXo on Vimeo.

It all sounds interesting, and you can see why the two vendors have opted to work together. To get more details visit the eXo website. This integration is supposed to be done via a free plug-in, expected to come soon.