It didn’t take long for treasures to start emerging from Amazon’s recently announced Elastic Beanstalk. eXo (newssite) has released an integrated development environment (IDE) for Elastic Beanstalk -- developed for the cloud, in the cloud. The IDE allows developers to access, view, edit and commit their code from any browser and deploy their applications with a single click. It’s not a golden-egg laying hen, but AWS developers will still appreciate it.

What Is Cloud IDE

Cloud IDE is a full-fledged development environment inside of a browser. Cloud IDE contains many of the features developers expect such as color-coded syntax, context sensitivity, auto-complete, multi-file editor with preview panel and integration with source control systems.


Cloud IDE interface

eXo released a Web IDE for its platform in September. Developers had a positive response to the browser-based IDE, but the tool was completely coupled to the eXo platform. The new eXo Cloud IDE is a standalone development tool that has been updated for cloud services and is tightly integrated with Elastic Beanstalk.

Why a Cloud IDE

A cloud-based IDE increases the accessibility and extends the Elastic Beanstalk runtime benefits into the development phase. Having the IDE located within the cloud environment eliminates the need to switch between applications and makes the development experience more efficient. eXo's CEO Benjamin Mestrallet said,

Platform as a Service will hit its stride this year, and Elastic Beanstalk, the latest PaaS entrant, really impressed us when we started playing around with it. We had developed eXo IDE for eXo Platform 3.0, but the response to it -- a completely browser-based development environment -- was so enthusiastic that it simply made sense for us to offer it as a service to extend the Elastic Beanstalk runtime benefits to development.”

Getting the IDE

A beta version of Cloud IDE is available free as a machine image (AMI) from the Cloud Market. The IDE is now offered as a standalone tool for Elastic Beanstalk container while integration with other PaaS solutions will be available soon.

An installation guide is available that contains instructions for configuring an Elastic Beanstalk instance to run on Cloud IDE. Potential users that would like an overview of the new tool can attend a free webcast from eXo, "Code in the Cloud," on February 2 at 1pm EST.

The general availability release is expected in Q2 2011.