Filemark document management
The concept of the paperless office, long on vision but short on actuality, may be one step closer to reality with the release of SMARTi Enterprise version 3.1.7.SMARTi Enterprise targets mid-sized to large enterprises in need of transactional document processing applications, such as paperless invoice processing and proof-of-deliveries for accounts payable in manufacturing and distribution firms. FileMark Corporation provides software and professional services for imaging, document management, and computer output capture among other services. The company also focuses on allowing organizations to automatically capture, classify, store, retrieve, route, process and manage all forms of business information. SMARTi Enterprise is an integrated document processing system that combines imaging, workflow, document management, and records management technologies into a Web-enabled application. It facilitates and manages the flow of all forms of unstructured information including images, email, and faxes. Users can then find and retrieve specific documents via the built-in search mechanism. Ultimately, businesses that implement this system can expect to save time in document retrieval and data manipulation. Since it is universally accepted that time is money, this improvement in productivity should have a significant impact on the bottom line. SMARTi Enterprise comes packed with a considerable amount of features that include: * A next-generation browser client that includes full-page OCR for images, full text search, integrated workflow, and data mining for computer output reports. * Automatic indexing of scanned images is achieved through a new capture subsystem that includes the following capabilities: zone OCR, intelligent forms processing with pattern and dictionary matching, point and shoot OCR, full page OCR to MS Word format, barcode recognition, support for distributed scanners, and automatic indexing of PDF and MS Office documents. * SMARTi Enterprise workflow now includes deadlines, automatic notifications and escalation, audit trails, and PDF forms processing. * Any type of document can now be viewed, annotated, and printed in PDF format. * A new line-of-business application integration tool allows data from any external program to be used for automatic indexing of new documents or to automatically retrieve associated documents from the SMARTi Repository. SMARTi Enterprise is not aimed at the organization that is just dipping its toes in enterprise cms waters, and pricing reflects this fact. Your organization can set up its own SMARTi Enterprise system for 20 concurrent users at a starting price of US$ 9,995. Check out the FileMark website for more info.