ConcourseSuite Free CRM, CMS and Collaboration
Concursive has decided to provide users with the opportunity to use its flagship product, ConcourseSuite 5, for free while having avoided placing the many limitations that a user would normally expect from an offering like this. This package is a culmination of several separate modules -- solutions like CRM, CMS and Collaboration -- that have been brought together in a single solution to assist companies with managing information and enabling collaboration. Concursive Corporation, developer of ConcourseSuite, has recently unveiled an amazing deal that allows anyone to use it's on demand solution -- ConcourseSuite 5 -- for free: "This groundbreaking offer arms businesses with a full-featured Front Office Solution available to a meaningful number of users. Unlike traditional trial offers that are limited to short time periods or a small number of users, businesses can immediately begin to utilize ConcourseSuite 5.0 to better organize and optimize their day-to-day operations. With a high 100-user limit, this offer provides free business tools sufficient for every employee in nine out of ten businesses in the U.S."


ConcourseSuite’s product page makes a bold statement: “ConcourseSuite 5.0 is the first front office application suite to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), web content management, and team collaboration capabilities into a single, easy to user web application.” Michael Harvey, the EVP for Concursive, explained why making ConcourseSuite 5 available for free would be an extension to their business model: "At Concursive we understand the processes required for businesses to get and grow their customer base, and giving businesses with up to 100 users free access to ConcourseSuite allows a broader range of companies to understand how technology can help to streamline, organize, and drive prospect and customer activities -- the lifeblood of every business."

The Building Blocks of ConcourseSuite 5

ConcourseSuite is a culmination of four separate solutions: ConcourseCRM, ConcourseWEB, ConcourseTEAM, and ConcourseFLEX. All of these solutions serve very different purposes, but now that they are together in an all-in-one solution, it makes this package much more valuable. ConcourseSuite Building Blocks

Each product offers a solution to a unique problem commonly faced with content and collaboration today: * ConcourseCRM: A CRM and ECM package with features that allow users to secure, manage and grow a business and its contacts. * ConcourseWEB: A package that allows users to quickly create and manage full-fledged website solutions. * ConcourseTEAM: A team collaboration package that allows employees to manage, share and develop information. * ConcourseFLEX: An open standards plug-in architecture that allows users to expand and customize ConcourseSuite 5 with plug-ins, which are called Portlets.

ConcourseSuite Functionality

ConcourseSuite 5 has many useful features. It truly is an all-in-one solution for content management, customer relations management and collaboration built on an open source platform. This is a rundown of the primary functionality available to users through the main interface: * Leads: Allows users of the system to view and manage data collected about potential prospects for business opportunities. * Contacts: Allows users to view existing and add new contacts to the system. Contacts can be associated with user accounts as well. There is also import and export functionality. * Pipeline: Assists with creating and assessing leads or opportunities. * Accounts: Allows users to add and manage accounts of various types. Users can also customize the account groupings and more. * Products: Allows users to add and manage products of all types originating from their company. * Quotes: Allows users to maintain business-related quotes. * Communications: Allows users to maintain email, fax or mail communications with customers. Users can add groups, messages and schedules for these communications from simple to complex scenarios. * Projects: Aimed towards collaborating with the users of the system, it can also used to securely share information with employees, clients, vendors, friends and family. * Help Desk: The system utilizes a ticketing system that can be managed through this section. * Documents: Allows users to store documents in a hierarchical format within a single database. User permissions can also be set here. * Company: Provides users with the capability to enter and manage information about all of the employees of a company.
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ConcourseSuite's Home Section

Free with Limitations: Reviewing the Fine Print

Yes, ConcourseSuite 5 is really free, but there are some expected limitations that users should be aware of before getting too excited: * ConcourseSuite’s free version is available for a period of one year after sign up. * Use of the software is permitted -- for free -- with up to 100 users. * The owner must log in at least once every 60 days throughout this one year period. * 1 GB of traffic per month is allowed for use. * 500 MB of remote file storage is provided for storing documents. * 100 outbound e-mail messages are allowed per day through the Communications module. "If a system exceeds its maximum allotment of file space, traffic, or outbound email messages, the system will become unavailable until arrangements have been made to satisfy additional usage fees." Even with those limitations, most companies that decide to utilize this system should be well within those boundaries -- especially considering that ConcourseSuite would normally require a significant monetary investment. Concursive is certainly offering a unique deal here for anyone that is willing to take advantage of it. ConcourseSuite 5 is loaded with features that will be appreciated by those who know how to utilize them.