French company Gatweb has released the first version of their Sharepoint (MOSS) 2007 Inspector product -- a free tool for exploring and tweaking your SharePoint 2007 servers. It supports both Windows SharePoint Services v3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The main purpose of this tool is to help SharePoint developers get a birds-eye view of the objects which make up the structure of your MOSS or WSS sites. From the object list, the operator can drill down to view object properties via Reflection -- which can be very useful when you want to build-out new features around existing software libraries or SharePoint data structures. There are also some advanced capabilities such as activating or deactivating SharePoint features, adding or removing event receivers, and managing the SharePoint recycle bin. Overall its a very handy utility to have in the shed. Obviously, since this is a first and rather informal release of the tool, proper precautions should be taken when using this in your development of production environments. There is a SharePoint 2007-based (of course!) Wiki here, where you can find additional information and access the free download.