An organization's content does not exist as a separate entity with its own value, rather it blossoms in context -- supporting a broad array of processes needed to run the business. The same piece of content might be used in any number of ways and become instrumental to multiple conversations.

This fact only enhances the need for a smart, agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. What's changing with enterprise information management is how you supply content to processes and applications. The latest generation of technology is, according to open source ECM vendor Nuxeo, just the natural evolution of the field.

Per Nuxeo's latest publication (and upcoming webinar), the days of a suite of products to manage and deliver content are coming to an end. What organizations need now, they say, are content management platforms that offer the services, modules, plug-ins and APIs to develop customized, content-centric solutions.

If you have a pretty clear understanding of the components of Enterprise CMS Suites, but are unsure of the Platform perspective, then join-in tomorrow August 24 at  8am Pacific / 11am Eastern for a live webinar entitled ECM as a Platform: A Foundation for Content Applications. During the event, you will learn about the components of an ECM Platform and how modern, agile organizations are integrating, collaborating on, reusing and socializing enterprise information flows. Reserve your seat here.