One of the new releases from this year’s LegalTech West conference in LA, which is just wrapping up today, comes from FTI Technology in the shape of its enhanced Ringtail Analytics, part of FTI’s (news, site) e-Discovery platform.

The new module consists of three new components that combined will make early case assessment easier as well as enable faster and more efficient legal review and keyword testing. In doing so, it will provide data analytics with visual review for law firms that are increasingly under pressure to fulfil quick and efficient e-Discovery demands.

Three New Components

The three new components consist of Document Mapper for visual review, as well as Smart Decision and Concept Mapper.

Smart Decision

Using any set of keywords or metadata, Smart Decision finds documents or timelines related to a particular search request. It does this by testing a sample of the keywords across all documents contained across the system and also provides users with an overview of whole cases enabling them to identify project status and review metrics.

Concept Mapper

Concept Mapper gathers conceptually similar documents as well and assesses the frequency those concepts appear across the entire document collection. A user-friendly dashboard displays the results of these searches and enables users create assignments based on specific themes. It then sends them to Ringtail review workflow where documents will be prioritized by importance.

Document Mapper

An integrated part of Ringtail analytics, the Document Mapper interface can be used at any part of the e-Discovery review process and provides a view of early case assessments and quality control of reviewed documents.

FTI’s e-Discovery

The three new components fall into FTI’s range of e-Discovery software as part of its Ringtail Analytics solution that can be deployed on-premise or as SaaS, enabling enterprises to use what they need to deal with cases as they arise.

A core element of the e-Discovery process, the analytics component of the platform drives repeatable workflows that can work with very large data sets. Other features that come with the analytics include:

  • Intelligent culling for quick early case assessment
  • Indentify timelines and custodians associated with a particular case
  • Determine patterns within the data set
  • Route relevant information to the user best suited to deal with a given task
  • Identify problems and track case progress

FTI Consulting is one of the few companies in the e-Discovery market that focuses exclusively on e-Discovery.

FTI And SharePoint

While it offers a number of solutions, FTI Technology -- one of five FTI Consulting segments -- responds to client needs as they arise.

Recently, for example, they released SharePoint Harvester, the result of 18 months developing a solution for a client who had 2TB of data in their SharePoint environment and 600 custodians on a list as plaintiff in a legal case.

The client company needed to collect all the documents related to these custodians, but there was nothing available on the market that could easily do it. The result was the creation of SharePoint Harvester software. The Harvester interfaces with Active Directory and SharePoint to help relate custodian names to AD logins and as a result, their SharePoint documents.

And there are others too across the areas of compliance, risk, reputation, liability, performance, finance and information. If you’re interested in finding out more check out the overview video, or go to the website for a full list of industries and solutions.