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Some time ago Forrester pointed out that the biggest obstacle to "realizing ROI with (Enterprise) web CMS projects" is the failure of users to adopt the product and integrate it into their daily work lives. Does that sound surprising? Probably not. Here's the real surprise: we can guide users to more productive behavior. Gilbane Group promises to show us how. But to get there, prepare to think long and hard about web usability; in particular, how it can bring users what they want.Usability is reportedly the top selection criterion for a web or enterprise CMS because it's the key motivator for user adoption. That's right: It's not the bells and whistles that count, it's how easy it is to learn and incorporate into the new system into work habits. And unless you've got the users on board, efforts to bring in a new content management system are largely going to fail. One hint to encouraging stronger usability is to select a friendly authoring interface. The Gilbane Group totes this as "critical" to a new enterprise web content management system because most employees will spend their time working from it. Ready to learn more? Join Tony White, the lead analyst for web CMS at the Gilbane Group. He'll talk latest trends, best practices, and walk you through effectively addressing user adoption challenges. The webinar, entitled "Improving WCM User Adoption Rates: Best Practices for the Content Authoring Environment," is sponsored by Ephox. Thank your lucky stars, because that means you get a free ticket. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 25, 11am-12pm Pacific, and register now.