Most of us think about Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as an application suite that includes solutions for document management, records management, business process management, document capture and more. But the term Suite gives the impression of something already built and ready to use out-of-the-box. 

In today's dynamic marketplace, organizations need tools in their hands with more than generic capabilities that will help them manage documents or records. They need to be able to quickly create applications that solve actual business problems.

What this means, according to some ECM pundits, is that the traditional ECM Suites are becoming a thing of the past. To provide organizations with the capabilities they need, the story line goes, Enterprise Content Management software must provide lean, social-enabled and interoperable Platforms upon which content-centric business applications can be built.

To check the ECM-as-a-Platform plot in more detail, join the thinkers from Nuxeo on August 24 at  8am Pacific / 11am Eastern for a webinar entitled ECM as a Platform: A Foundation for Content Applications. They will discuss the limitations of "ECM Suite thinking" and drill into what they consider the critical elements of an ECM Platform. Interested parties can register here.