Group Drive
Today, South River Technologies edges Basic Content Services into the mainstream with the latest release of their secure document management and collaboration solution GroupDrive 5.0. This version has a strong focus on security across the network and the internet.

Basic Content Services

What is this Basic Content Service market anyway? According the South River, it emerged several years ago as a way of providing more cost effective solutions to enterprise content content management systems. Products in this market, like GroupDrive, offer collaborative document management solutions. GroupDrive enables organizations to securely collaborate on files and documents across the internet. No this is not a SaaS solution -- at least not yet.
It provides several components which include: * GroupDrive Server: a secure WebDAV server that stores the files and documents for collaboration * GroupDrive Client: a virtual drive connection to the GroupDrive Server that allows users to save to the application from inside any Windows application * GroupDrive Web Interface: A web interface accessible from anywhere that enables users to collaborate Some GroupDrive customers include The San Diego Union-Tribune, The University of Portland and the Federal Aviation Administration. The latest version of GroupDrive provides a number of security enhancements:

Support for the DMZedge Server

GroupDrive 5.0 now supports the company's DMZedge Server. This server sits outside the company firewall and is the only route for inbound communications. All files and documents are stored inside the firewall and are passed through a port in the DMZedge server via SSL. GroupDrive also encrypts files providing a comprehensive security solution for document management.

Additional Security Enhancements

Complex Passwords Feature The addition of a complex password feature enables administrators to set stringent policies on password format. Anti-hammering Feature This is another layer of security that help resolve DOS (denial of service) attacks by hackers out to cause mayhem for an organization. Enhanced Notification Features The GroupDrive application has improved notification features which include the ability to receive notifications on events that occur in the application. “Companies often move to a Basic Content Services solution to improve efficiency, reduce the load on email servers and enable auditing, but security is often an afterthought,” said Michael Ryan, CEO and co-founder of South River Technologies, Inc. “GroupDrive effectively integrates the need for easy file access and collaboration while considering the requirements for both secure transmission and enhanced network security.” Upon a quick overview of the product, GroupDrive resembles document and collaboration solutions from Xythos and to some degree Zoho. Another potential competitor is the much loved document management capabilities of SharePoint (MOSS). Of course to be truly competitive with these solutions, South River will have to step up with a SaaS version of the product. Read more about the GroupDrive solution on their site.