Hershey Releases upgraded document management system
Document Management developer Hershey Technologies has released the latest version of its XenDocs document management/content management product. XenDocs v5.2 includes a spanking new workflow solution utilizing XenDocs Workflow Server - enabling business administrators to "control and monitor their document-processes." XenDocs Workflow Server is based on Windows Workflow Foundation. It graphically models business processes, allowing advanced interaction between users, documents and systems. Meanwhile the Business Process Control Center graphically models workflow processes, enabling 'drill-down' navigation throughout the process map, down to the level of individual activities. "Hershey wanted to provide a workflow solution for XenDocs, offering flexibility to automate real-world business processes while providing user-friendly management and auditing tools for the Business Administrator," said Zoiner Tejada, Chief Software Architect of Hershey. Hershey provides a wide range of document management, content management, data capture and workflow products. Want to learn more? Go visit Hershey.