We are in information overload. And email is one of our worst enemies as much as it's our closest friend.

If we are bad at organizing email for personal use, it's that much worse at the organization level. The basic scenario is often that knowledge exists in the archives, but when it's needed at a later date, employees often end up foraging unsuccessfully for it, then recreating it.

What to do? MarkLogic (news, site) offers a solution designed to turn email into a knowledge asset. It's called MarkMail (see public demo) and it is an enterprise infrastructure tool that can help your org transform the way you do e-mail archiving, e-mail search and email-based knowledge management.

The MarkLogic team is laying out the details this week during a webinar entitled Reducing Information Overload: Turn Email into an Asset. 

The event is this Thursday, April 30th at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT. Register now to learn more.