In February this year HP (news, site) released v7 of its records management suite TRIM, which focused on SharePoint 2010 records management. Now, e-Discovery vendor Digital Reef (news, site) has integrated its Virtual Governance Warehouse (VGW) with TRIM.

The new integration between TRIM and VGW is the result of a new reseller agreement between Digital Reef and Comport Consulting, one of HP’s Platinum Business partners, and brings the two together to provide TRIM-using enterprises with e-Discovery, management of enterprise wide content and unified views of information.

While Digital Reef provides many different kinds of open software for e-Discovery, its Virtual Governance Warehouse 3.1 is one of its real showcases.

Virtual Governance Warehouse 3.1

As a scalable e-Discovery and Digital Information Governance solution, it provides users with a layer of business-ready information along with integrated discovery, analytics, governance and resource management. Some of its components include:

  • VGW Discovery: Provides companies with in-house e-Discovery by trawling through its assets and catalogs, identifying where all content is stored and when it was placed there. With this it also provides advanced searches using keywords, metadata, proximity and others.
  • VGW Analytics: Stores and finds documents based on contextual similarities, reconstructs email threads and identifies pattern expressions which combined identify data risk, and in doing so streamlines storage.
  • VGW Explorer: Enables users to create customized sets or views of information for easy browsing, enabling information across entire projects, or limiting who can view that information through extensive security settings. The VGW Explorer capabilities are accessible through a standards-based API.

Digital Reef Governance Warehouse.jpg

Digital Reef Governance Warehouse

Management and security of VGW is through the resource manager where administrators assign permissions for the different tasks.

Comport says that because the agreement between it and Digital Reef extends over a number of years, it will be possible to integrate VGW completely into TRIM to provide a solutions that will manage content from creation to destruction.

TRIM 7 and SharePoint

With TRIM 7 -- the latest version of TRIM -- you’ve got a powerful discovery solution, especially given TRIM’s relationship with SharePoint and the recent release of SharePoint 2010.

TRIM software is an enterprise document and records management system with the ability to scale across large, distributed environments. It enables users to capture, manage and secure enterprise information, from electronic to physical records and from creation to eventual disposal.

With TRIM 7, HP focused on upgrading the records and archiving elements. In this respect, they created software that enables organizations to transparently manage all of their Microsoft SharePoint Server records in a single environment, regardless of the source of those records.

What this means is that TRIM can capture Microsoft SharePoint files and even entire SharePoint workspaces. The result is that TRIM 7 enables:

  • Increased compliance and preparation for e-Discovery
  • Compliance policy management across the enterprise
  • Complete information lifecycle of corporate records
  • Version control, access control and audit trails
  • Support FOI requests by easily finding, redacting and rendering information for secure release.

With VGW 3.1 on the other side of this equation HP not only enhances itself with companies that are concerned about information governance, but also with those SharePoint users that have deployed TRIM for records management and are looking for something to help them with e-Discovery.