Hyland Software Inc, has announced the release of version 7 of its OnBase ECM software suite. They went big on this release, offering an extensive array of new capabilities and features, including MS Office SharePoint Search integration, Expanded Business Process Management (BPM) Functionality, and solutions for hospitals, universities, and even law enforcement agencies. OnBase 7 also features process modeling and business activity monitoring (BAM) capabilities, which assist organizations in modeling, monitoring, and improving document-driven business processes. The Business Process Modeling tool is designed to help organizations identify and eliminated non-value added activities from document-driven processes. It achieves this by providing graphical modeling capabilities that let process managers optimally design a document-centric process. It also acts as a simulator, letting managers process “what-if” scenarios that can identify potential bottlenecks or quantify expected productivity gains before a process is deployed in production. Business Activity Monitoring portlets provide real-time dashboard views into the performance of document-driven business processes, allowing process owners to seek out and correct problem areas like work overloading, stagnating work or incomplete transactions. These portlets can be extended to enterprise portals built with SharePoint or ICM Websphere. OnBase’s integration with Microsoft Search allows OnBase-managed content to be indexed and searched directly using SharePoint Search, a handy feature for employees who need to conduct authorized searches for content across both SharePoint and OnBase repositories. Other new OnBase 7 features include: * OnBase Field Reporting for Law Enforcement, designed to alleviate much of the time spent by police officers and their superiors completing paper-based incident reports by replacing them with mobile electronic forms. * OnBase EKG Integration for GE MUSE integrates OnBase with the MUSE cardiology information system from General Electric, giving providers a direct link to archive electrocardiogram study results from MUSE into OnBase. * Integration for the Fujitsu fi-6000NS network scanner, allowing the importing of documents directly into an OnBase system via the Internet. * The OnBase Transcript Reader will allow colleges and universities to automate the processing of incoming college transcripts by automating the data entry involved in logging and transferring transcript information. This release shows Hyland reaching out to a variety of industries. Whether or not these industries will embrace OnBase 7 is yet to be seen, but with its vast amount of features, and especially its SharePoint Search integration, Onbase seems to have a bright future indeed. Visit the Onbase website for more information.