IBM Releases eDiscovery Analyzer
The eDiscovery industry has garnered a lot of attention. Whether it's the costs associated with the process or the burden on lawyers to carry out discovery, companies need to implement an effective knowledge and records management model. Many vendors are stepping up to the plate and offer their strategies and services for how to best manage information. Recently, IBM announced the launch of eDiscovery Analyzer, a new conceptual search and content analysis software that aims to help legal professionals accelerate eDiscovery.The eDiscovery Analyzer will collect and assess evidence, agree upon search terms and cull information for use in legal cases. In addition, it will work with the eDiscovery Manager, also recently released by IBM, to provide "in house" eDiscovery solutions for companies. Companies are frantic to cut costs and become more proactive in taking control of their content and are often paralyzed by not knowing exactly what software solution to deploy. Using the scalable IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, IBM eDiscovery works to collects, organize, manage and retrieve relevant enterprise information in a security-rich, access-and-change audited manner. Designed to assist legal professionals and litigation support specialists, features of the Analyzer include the ability to: * Identify and eliminate irrelevant and non-responsive emails to reduce case matter to a much smaller and relevant data set * Gain early insight into a case, understand key facts, locate key pieces of evidence, identify key witnesses and communication threads, and form early case strategies * Flag, organize and prioritize documents for review, define the appropriate review strategy and optimize resources for review * Gain a clear view of available case matter to effectively negotiate queries and term lists * Preserve chain of custody information to ensure security, auditability and defensibility. For companies focused on the information management process, rather than synthesis and analysis, the Analyzer is just one of many tools from which companies have to choose. IBM eDiscovery Analyzer will be available later this month from IBM and IBM Business Partners. For more information on IBM's eDiscovery software, visit