<CMSWire> IBM has announced the Express version of their Content Manager. Content Manager is an enterprise class content management product, not to be confused with Web Content Management. Content Manager provides high performance middleware to automatically manage formatted computer output. Content Manager is optimized to capture, store, retrieve, and present very large collections of smaller objects such as statements, bills, and invoices. The product runs on a variety of platforms and interfaces quickly with a large number of devices for data acquisition. One of the areas of relative weakness is the lack of an out of the box web interface. Content Manager does offer an optional Web Enablement Kit, which provides three separate API's for web access: CGI, Java, and Servlet. </CMSWire> From the article: IBM on Wednesday introduced a content management server aimed at midsize businesses. Big Blue said that DB2 Content Manager Express is available for $9,375 per server and $1,063 per user, which includes a year of maintenance. The software is used to store and track corporate documents or other information such as images and media files. DB2 Content Manager Express includes features meant to appeal to smaller organizations, such as quick installation and self-management to simplify ongoing administration. The slimmed-down version of IBM's existing DB2 Content Manager software is the latest in the company's line of "express" editions of its infrastructure software. ... Content management is a key area of growth for the software industry, analysts say. Events such as the Enron fiasco and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have driven interest in centralized document retention processes. Although there are already a number of companies that specialize in content management, such as Vignette and Interwoven, analysts expect that technology generalists, such as IBM and Oracle, will focus more on adding content management capabilities to their portfolios. Read the full article. Read about DB2® Content Manager. Read about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.